Pittsburgh, NC State, and Miami are having much improved football season ticket sales.


The ACC sometimes get criticized for their lack football fan support. Clemson and Florida State have SEC like fanbases, but this isn’t the case with some of the other schools.

A welcome development is occurring in the football tier below Clemson and Florida State. Season ticket sales are going well Pittsburgh, NC State and Miami. That’s a good sign for those schools, and for the future demand of the ACC Network.

Lets look at each school We start with Pittsburgh, as they set a record for season ticket holders. That Penn State game I’m sure is helping those ticket sales.

NC State set a record as well. Please don’t let anyone tell that having Notre Dame on the schedule hasn’t been beneficial for ACC football programs. FSU also heads to Raleigh as well.

The much-maligned Miami Hurricane fan base appears to have come out in support of new coach Mark Richt. Their season ticket sales are significantly up this year. It doesn’t hurt that they host Florida State this year, but an improved North Carolina teams makes for a quality home game too.

James — who pointed out UM was the only athletic program in the country to have a football team play in a bowl game, both its men’s and women’s basketball teams play in the NCAA tournament, and its baseball team reach the College World Series — said more than 36,000 season tickets have been sold as of Monday. That’s an increase of more than 7,000 from a year ago. UM averaged 47,561 fans last season at home — down from 52,518 in 2014.

A combination of a football optimism, and scheduling is at play here. Whatever the case, it’s a good sign for the ACC to see improved season sales from the tier of football schools below Clemson and Florida State.

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