8 or 9 Conference games? The debate may be near an end for the ACC.


We could know as soon as Friday whether the ACC is going to go with 8 or 9 conference games as reported by the Daily Press’s David Teel. No matter how the vote goes, someone isn’t going to be happy.

Clemson, Florida State heavily favor the 8 game conference schedule. Georgia Tech and Louisville likely do to, but maybe by not quite to the level of Clemson and FSU. All have the year ending SEC rivalry games. 9 conference will reduce the flexibility of the their scheduling. Clemson, Florida State and Louisville are currently your 3 best, most consistent football programs in the ACC. Georgia Tech is year removed from finishing in the top 10.

The 8 game conference schedule would be an 8 + 2 model. The 2 games would be 2 power 5 conference.

The ESPN wants more inventory – what to do?

9 games allows ACC teams to play each other more often. 8 is more flexible for OOC scheduling. 9 reduces the scheduling flexibility of your most prominent football teams. 8 could be a scheduling nightmare with 3 of the other 4 power 5 conferences at 9 conference games too. Just where are you going to find additional opponents from? If you go 8 can ACC teams play each other OOC? UNC and Wake Forest have a future series coming up, but that seems awkward.

I went back and forth on this and I’m still having deciding what’s best for the ACC in the long term.

Sorry I’m non-committal on this one until I hear what the ACC decides. Maybe they have some sort of compromise in the works.

This will be a very interesting vote.

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