Which members of the media did the best job predicting the ACC Network happening?


With Monday’s announcement of an ACC Network, let’s give credit to the members that I thought did the best predicting the ACC Network would occur. These were the folks, that when the topic of the ACC Network came up we listened to and trusted their opinion. Funny so many random bloggers and twitter accounts that got so many things wrong about the ACC, but if you listened to these media members you knew the ACC Network was coming.

@DavidTeelatDP  of the Daily Press

I’m not sure there was a media member more plugged into the ACC Network discussion than Mr. Teel. He consistently gave us updates every few months on where the ACC Network was – or as much as Swofford would reveal. He was the first to break the story that we could have announcement  this week.  He called the ACC Network imminent back in May.

His work was thoughtful and well researched that last few years.

@WesDurham – Voice of the Atlanta Falcons & ACC Net / Fox Sports Net

@Hokiesmash and I had Wes Durham do a podcast back in April 2015.  When most people thought the network wouldn’t happen at all or thought it was coming 2017 or maybe 2016, Durham nailed the timing by suggesting that it would take 3-5 years to launch. He also emphasized how the ACC could focus on the Digital portion of the network. His accuracy looking back on it, was pretty spot on. Earlier this year he suggested the ACC could get a rights increase if an ACC Network wasn’t announced by the Summer time.

While we don’t know if the ACC would have gotten an rights increase, Durham correctly pointed to the summer time frame as a critical point in the Network. He turned out to be right.

@TimBrando – National Sports Commentator for@FoxSports.

Back in May ,Tim Brando made very definitive statements that the ACC Network was coming.  Well done Mr. Brando.

@DavidHaleESPN – ESPN College Football Writer

He said on a @LvilleSprtsLive radio show in June that an ACC Network was coming.

@SIPeteThamel – SI Writer

Called the ACC Network imminent at the beginning of June.

If I’ve left anyone out that you felt was on top of this story during it’s development, please let us know and we’ll include them.

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