Auburn and Alabama football : 7 combined arrests in 2016 – Zero Suspensions, Zero Games missed


You would think that after what happened at Baylor this summer, that discipline in college football would be at an all time high in severity. Now please don’t confuse crimes committed at Baylor with seven arrested players in 2016 at Alabama and Auburn. The sexual assault case at Baylor is beyond tragic. The Alabama and Auburn player arrests aren’t in the same category. They just aren’t. That said it is peculiar that Alabama and Auburn have had 7 combined arrested players, and there have been zero suspensions and zero games are planned to be missed.

4 Auburn Players arrested    

Pair of Alabama players arrested

Alabama Offensive Lineman arrested

I would link the articles where it was discussed the suspensions of at least one of these players, but there are none. I suppose the punishments are being handled internally, but nothing hurts a player more than missing playing time.

We’ll see if the arrests reach double digits before the season, and whether an Alabama or Auburn player misses any playing time. By the way Alabama and Auburn open with huge games against USC and Clemson.

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