July 16, 2016 : Behind enemy lines – Checking in on recent/future ACC OOC opponents.


Its Pokemon crazy on twitter this week with the rivals to the ACC!

Side note – If you are not familiar with Pokemon go, it is an app for your phone.  As you walk around with your cell phone you may encounter Pokemon characters that you can capture for your collection.  A pokestop is where you can pick up needed items for your Pokemon battles.

For a more detailed explanation – read this article.


OSU started the craze by posting that playing Pokemon GO! was not allowed in the buildings on campus.  Too bad there is a pokestop right in the middle of “the shoe”.   *cue sad face*

Then Virginia Tech had – hands down – the best troll of the week.



Alabama doesn’t have time for pokemon or football camps.  It is all SEC media day tweets all the time.  That twitter account is all business all the time.

Georgia is in a fierce battle with Clemson for the #1 prospect in 2018 – QB Trevor Lawrence.  The talented QB tweeted a pic of his top two choices (Clemson and UGA).


So far Georgia is picking a really good class.  The Dawgs always recruit well, but have difficulty living up to the hype.  Lets hope this great talent goes to the ACC.


UAB – the team that came back from the dead – has been busy securing quite a bit of funding.  They are going to build a football operations center and already have a $500k donation.  Its great to see the city of Birmingham really get behind these players.  I would love to see a game with an ACC opponent in their future.



And on a positive note, the ACC family continues to help flood stricken WVA.

Virginia tweeted a pic of the coaches hard at work in WVA.


Jimbo Fisher at Florida State continues his drive for uniforms to help the football teams that lost everything in the flood.


Chad Kelly at Ole Miss took the world by storm with his comments on the “real” Death Valley.  At the SEC Media Days he mentioned that the real Death Valley was LSU.  He also mentioned that he was the best QB in the nation





Sit back, pop some popcorn and wait for the awesome twiter reactions on this quote.

Pictures are great!


Sarcasm abounds!



Clemson fans getting a little salty


Delusional SEC fans, may not have seen Watson shred the vaunted Alabama defense to pieces in the national title game.



Leave Arby’s out of this! I love the curly fries!


Sticking with just the facts



I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of behind enemy lines.  Be sure to check us out next week!

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