Behind enemy lines – Checking in on future ACC OOC opponents.


As we get closer to football season, it is time to see what some of our rivals in the SEC are doing.  As they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Alabama – They just played Clemson in the National Title Game, FSU opponent in 2017

Alabama is keeping it classy by taking up uniform donations for schools in WVA that were impacted by the flooding.  Jimbo at Florida State is also doing a similar drive.  Jimbo is from WVA, so this cause is near and dear to his heart.

They are also congratulating their multiple pre season award candidates..  what can we say  They are the national champs, so they don’t need to prove anything on twitter.

Auburn – They will play Clemson to open the season

Auburn likes to go BOOM!  Lets hope these new recruits can match the hype.  Malzahn not only needs a big recruiting season, he needs a big year.

Tennessee – They will play Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech next year

Tennessee is obviously confused over who the real WRU (wide receiver U) is… Clemson fans will tell you it is the Tigers. They are living in the past reminding everyone of all the past greats that had nothing to do with the current coaching staff.

Ole Miss – Labor Day opponent for Florida State

Ole miss is trying to lay low and distract everyone from the violations. They have come up with a very confusing game day outfit chart that should help. is that a half white half grey shirt to Florida State?



Texas A&M – Series with Clemson in 2018 and 2019

Texas A&M doesn’t really have anything of note. They are going to the NFL clear bag policy. If you went to the ACC championship game or the bowl games you may remember they had that policy as well. You could have started an ebay store with the amount of purses that had to be thrown away at the ACC championship game I am not aware of any schools in the ACC requiring a clear bag yet (an exception being Miami), but several SEC schools are going in that direction.


Georgia Tech gives clear bags to the season ticket holders, but doesnt require it for the single game ticket purchasers. I believe it is just a matter of time before clear bags are required at all venues For those fans going to away games… like Auburn or the kickoff challenges. Clemson fans I am looking at you! remember they have a clear bag policy. Check the policy before you go.

Georgia – Opening weekend opponent for UNC, and annual game with Georgia Tech

Georgia twitter is a complete snooze fest. The spirits are very high for Georgia fans right now… unlimited optimism. It would be great if UNC could bring them down to earth in the first game 🙂

South Carolina – annual game with Clemson

South Carolina continues going back and forth with the #GoConference tweets and advertising for the many Will Muschamp camps that must be empty to keep tweeting about them nonstop. But none of that is really news… what is big is Clowney is opening a vape shop. The new flavor will be… wait for it… wait for it…. the Clowney hit! 🙂

The last rival I will cover isn’t really an ACC rival, but its just a story I love. If you are not following UAB on twitter do it now. These guys are so inspiring. Use #thereturn or #UAB You may remember their football program was cut a few years ago and they are trying to build it back.

They don’t have a schedule this year, but are continuing to grind to get ready for their opening day in 2017. Can you imagine practicing for a whole year without a season? I will leave you with their biggest win over LSU. Does everyone remember this awesome game? Games like these is what makes me love college football.

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