NC State AD Debbie Yow makes ACC Network sound like an inevitability.


In a recent interview with the Wolfpacker, NC State Debbie Yow covered a wide range of topics concerning NC State athletics. She was asked about the ACC Network and had this to say. This is part of her answer.

Any new updates on the ACC Network?

“I’ve always been bullish on the ACC Network, even though I don’t know anything specifically about when it could happen. Nothing about that has changed.

“I do believe it is going to happen. I know there is a lot of publicity with the Big Ten and SEC networks. Ours is coming…

…“I will tell you this, there is another construction project and it’s a broadcast studio for the ACC Network. That would tell you I am very bullish on the ACC Network.

 Whenever the ACC Network becomes a reality, we’ll need more HD cameras and other equipment over in the Murphy Center. That project is $6 million, and athletics is carrying that.

If you remember back in March we told you that NC State was working on video facility upgrades for the likely ACC Network.  Yow’s comments now confirm that. It really seems now more than ever only a complete catastrophe would stop an ACC Network from happening at this point. Now we just wait for the official word from the ACC, but NC State AD Debbie Yow seems pretty confident about it.

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