ACC Fan Votes are in – 8 ACC Conference games slightly favored over 9 games.


This is one of first times I’ve tried a twitter poll. According to David Teel ESPN could be looking the ACC to increase inventory by adding a ninth conference game. Suddenly this is a hot topic again.

Many Florida State and Clemson fans are in favor on staying at 8 conference as it give them flexibility in non-conference scheduling. Unlike the Big 12, Pac 12, and Big 10 in their 9 game conferences, there are no annual year ending non-conference in-state rivals for any teams. Georgia Tech and Louisville also have this dilemma to deal with.

As you can see from the poll though, if the conference goes to 9 games because of network then that got nearly as many votes as staying at 8.

What’s going to happen? Clemson and Florida State as the ACC’s flagship powers will carry a lot of weight, but they won’t be able to stop this freight train. As I’ve said previously on the blog if ESPN wants 9 conference games they will get 9 conference games. Is there a middle ground?

One solution is to require ACC teams to schedule multiple home and home series with other Power 5 teams. Home games with the ACC go back to the conference and could be shown on the ACC network. That could be a logistical mess when you could just add a conference game. Would Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Louisville be willing to reduce the number of times they play their in-state rival? Doubtful, but who thought Texas and Texas A&M wouldn’t ever play again.

Would ESPN be will be willing to take 20 ACC conference basketball games and keep football at 8 games. That would be a route I would bring to the table.

If I were a guessing man, I’d say there is a 70% chance the ACC ends up with 9 conference games.

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