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We have this reader submitted article on how they would build the perfect College Football Program. Do you agree or disagree with the choices?


Many colleges usually have limited resources to build up their football programs and the most suitable way to go about this is to start from scratch. However, you must consider many things before treading on that road. For example, selecting a competent coach, an attractive stadium, and catchy team’s uniforms to complement the experience that the fans would get. With less than 100 days to go before the beginning of 2016 season for college football, an ideal football program should have the best characteristics of programs across the country. If the administration at a college had an unlimited budget, the could be implement the best qualities of the following schools.  These features would  attract the attention of fans, media, and sites like online NFL sportsbook,  as administrators built up their football programs.

It is a crucial rule to use current programs for all selections. For example, choosing a closed stadium or old uniforms for the team is not ideal. You should apply the following choices as you build up the football program.

For the position of a head coach, choose Urban Meyer. The fact is that, at Ohio State, Urban Meyer is 50-4. At Florida, he bagged two national championships, and one with the Buckeyes.

Meyer, and Nick Saban complete the list of top coaches when it comes to college football. Bob Stoops and Jimbo Fisher also comes close to this bracket. However, choosing Meyer over Saban is ideal because of their age difference. With 13 years between them, Saban is too old to consider as a long-term coach because he is 64. Meyer stands out among them because he can make your team a guaranteed winner.

 You can select Christian McCaffrey to represent the program’s face. The running back was my favorite player to win the Heisman Trophy last year. Furthermore, he can rush, catch, return, and even pass occasionally. In 2015, McCaffrey broke the yardage record in a single season that stood for 27 years. The former holder of the record, Barry Sanders, achieved this record in only 11 games. However, it is important to note that he had approximately five more touches per game than McCaffrey. Nevertheless, McCaffrey is the ideal choice because of his versatile athletic abilities, which can completely change a game.

Since this theoretical program does not use too much cliché, it adopts the tradition of Notre Dame, which simply states that, “Play like a champion today”. The schools has failed to win any national championships in the last 27 years, but when it comes to the historical perspective, the Fighting Irish lead the way.

With the breakdown about the perfect coach, now you should focus on matters to do with recruitment because it is one of the game-changing factors in college football. As a reference to the championships played in the last decade, one factor cuts across the teams that won them. Their football programs recruited players at the top-10 and even a top-5 level. Therefore, Louisiana is the ideal selection to set up the college football program.

Louisiana has the perfect proportion of top-grade talent and state population. This year’s class produced twenty-one four and 5-star players from the 4.67 million inhabitants to prove that Louisiana produces incredible talent in huge numbers. Moreover, the state is not supersaturated with diverse programs that aim to steal recruits as seen in Texas and Florida. In 2016, LSU, signed 14 top-25 local players, with nine from the top-10. The institution also signed eleven top-25 players in 2015.

Autzen Stadium in Oregon is the best choice due to its medium size. The 54,000-seat stadium attracts fans without compromising on the intensity that college football carries. The stadium has an incredible atmosphere for college football and it is one of the more intimidating stadiums in college football- despite it’s size. The intimate setting is great for fans, as opposed to a 100K seat monster.

The ideal pre-game entrance to use is that of Virginia Tech. When EnterSandman plays over the public address system, Lane Stadium simply rocks. For a more traditional entrance Clemson’s Running Down the Hills has been described as the most exciting 25 seconds in college football. You can’t go wrong with either.

When it comes to selecting a mascot, West Virginia has a unique and underrated one in the Mountaineer. In the world of college football, we currently have teams with Wildcats, Bulldogs, and Tigers for their mascot, but West Virginia stands alone. What about fans? Even though every college believes that they have the best fans, the fan base of Alabama takes the crown for this football program. 90,000+ fans for a spring game – are you kidding?

You should note that this program does not care much about donor numbers or game attendance. As mentioned above, I don’t need my stadium to have huge numbers of fans because I am trying to create a great and intimate fan experience as well as a winning program.

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