ACC takes step in the right direction with centralized replay.


The ACC has been a much maligned conference when it comes to their officiating especially in football. I believe that officiating across the country has become extremely poor. That said last year the ACC had some high profile officiating controversies that were not a good look for the conference. I wrote last year that the ACC needed to take the lead nationally when it came to improving officiating.

 A plan released to public should reveal how improvements are going to be made. Take this plan national. I would like to see unified standards at the Power 5 level for officiating and replays.

The ACC likes to work in the dark. Those days are gone. We need to know how improvements are going to be made

I’m glad to say the ACC has taken some steps in the right direction with centralized replay, and is the first conference to do in this report from ESPN.

A group of replay officials will work from the league office in Greensboro, North Carolina, to assist all ACC replay officials working games each weekend. That also goes for any Notre Dame game that features ACC replay officials.

In addition, the ACC will pair on-field crews with replay crews to work together moving forward.

It’s like the ACC is reading this blog… Ok probably not, but I like the move. I don’t think it is a cure all. There will still be mistakes. The NFL uses centralized replay and we still some errors, but it is a positive move the ACC is making.

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