With 5 Way-Too-Early Pre-Season Top 25 teams, Times have Changed for ACC football.


Back in January  we looked at several Way To Early Top 25 College Football Polls.  Most polls had 4 or 5 ACC teams. Now it is May and ESPN’s Mark Schlabach has updated his pre-season rankings, and 5 ACC teams made the top 25. 

2. Clemson 

4. Florida State

19. North Carolina

24. Miami

25. Louisville

How times have times for ACC football. 5 ranked teams is only 1 fewer than the SEC, and is tied with the Pac 12. Those are two conferences regarded as the best football conferences in the country. From top to bottom, I won’t say the ACC is in those two conference’s class, but the improved perception of the conference is there.

If you read this blog, the ACC’s football resurgence is well documented since 2012.  We knew it would be a gradual process, but no longer do ACC teams have to fight an epic battle of conference perception. If you win the ACC you have a great shot to make the college football playoff. 4 years ago critics of the conference said ACC schools would be virtually locked out of the playoffs. Florida State for example will 4 play ranked teams within the conference plus the ACC Title game which has featured ranked matchups for 3 straight years.

Many of us have complained the SEC has inherent advantages during the course of the season, because of where it’s teams start the season. This year it appears the ACC will get some benefit from strong early rankings especially national title contenders Clemson and Florida State.

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