Has College Football been Hijacked by Jim Harbaugh?


This was submitted to us by Mike Samuelson. Jim Harbaugh is certainly one polarizing head coach.

College Football Hijacked by Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh, the Michigan coach, has caused plenty of reaction after calling the ban for satellite camps by NCAA, a knee-jerk reaction. He had also criticized Hugh freeze, Ole Miss Coach, for poor performance and inconsistency. He made the first public comments during a Sports Illustrated interview on Tuesday, where he responded to the NCCAs ban to the camps. Harbaugh advocated for the sharing of Michigan with other young players who didn’t afford to travel all the way to a camp located in Ann Arbor. According to the coach, this would help the UM staff in identifying potential players in the college football lines. Previously, the coach had launched a nine-city tour across the nation, popularly known as the Summer Swarm Tour.

According to Paul Finebaum, a popular radio show host on the SEC Network, coach Harbaugh had hijacked college football making him one of the most annoying coaches in college football. He also took an exception to the coach’s comments to SI regarding Freeze. Last Sunday, Freeze had stated that he was glad about the NCAA’s ban as he did not want to be away from his family. Coach Harbaugh criticized Freeze, emphasizing on how a coach who earns over $5million annually was not willing to sacrifice his time. Few days later, Freeze appeared on the Mike and Mike morning show, whose host had opposed the decision to ban the camps.

Freeze had earlier said that he was ready to work camps with Missouri and Oklahoma State, adding that he had contacted Urban Meyer, Ohio coach, regarding the camps. They had discussed the appropriate measures to assists the Mid-major programs such as those in the Mid-American Conference that often benefited from Division 1 schools’ working camps. Freeze said he was an advocate for allowing other schools to use the Power Five camps so as to help in evaluating the young players.

Freeze said that it was necessary to evaluate the young players with respect to the normal recruiting calendar provided by the NCAA. This would prevent costing the kids large amounts of money, unlike what others were saying. Mike Riley, the Nebraska coach, had also appeared on the Sirius XM morning show, explaining how he faced numerous challenges recruiting, despite leading a Power Five program. He shared his disappointment regarding the ban, stating that he loved recruiting at the camps. However, he noted that the major issue was that most recruits had to travel from far to get to the camps.

Riley also told SiriusXM that it makes a big difference when there are camps in Texas or California as it would enable the college to recruit more players. In addition, it would also help the college to get involved with the new players as they work with their coaches.The satellite camps were big opportunities for both the student-athletes and the schools. Riley suggested that rather than banning the camp, they would have set more regulations.

Finebaum referred Harbaugh as the college football’s Donald Trump, who works in an entertaining fashion. He said this on his show’s final thought segment when he changed his opinion on the matter. He added that he thought Harbaugh had hijacked college football with an entertaining entrant to football since he came to Michigan. Last summer, he had a groundbreaking satellite tour to promote Michigan football and Jim Harbaugh.

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