Virginia Tech’s Whit Babcock – Making All The Right Moves. #Hokies


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Good evening, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) sports fans.  Hope you are all doing well.  The Final Four is tomorrow night – and you’ll see North Carolina and Syracuse in one half of the bracket.  That’s just terrific.  Shows you how deep ACC men’s basketball really was this season.

Have you seen the movie, All The Right Moves?  That’s what Whit Babcock, the Virginia Tech Athletic Director, is doing in Blacksburg.  He’s made all the right moves.  This man has had a busy two years.  Let’s review some of his major actions so far:

  • Fired James Johnson and Hired Buzz Williams as the Virginia Tech Men’s Basketball Coach.  Look, I like James Johnson (he’s a super guy), but at the end of the day, you’re judged on wins and losses – and Johnson wasn’t getting it done.  Babcock, as we said here at @AllSportsDACC, was no stranger to making the big hire.  Buzz Williams is getting it done – Jeff (@TalkinACCSports) and I both praised Williams.

  • Dedicated Beamer Way.  Spring Road, which runs alongside the west stands and press box of Lane Stadium, was renamed Beamer Way. This was done at the beginning of Frank Beamer’s 29th season.  A very classy way to honor Frank.

  • Hired Justin Fuente as the next Virginia Tech Football Coach (and somehow helped keep Bud Foster on staff).  We could write an entire post about this subject.  In short, the hire of former Memphis football head coach, Justin Fuente, was praised by local, state, and national sports media – and a magician’s act was performed to keep Bud Foster on the staff.

  • Renamed the Frank Beamer Locker Room.  In appreciation of Frank Beamer’s service to Virginia Tech, the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors has approved the renaming of the football program’s Team United Locker Room to The Frank Beamer Locker Room. A formal re-dedication ceremony is on deck shortly.

  • Did Not Mess With Success.  The temptation of a new athletic director sometimes is to bring in all your own coaches.  That didn’t happen at Virginia Tech – because Babcock is a smart man.  The Hokies best chances for national titles are in Wrestling, led by coach, Kevin Dresser; Track and Field, led by coach, Dave Cianelli is the coach; and Women’s Soccer, lead by coach, Charles “Chugger” Adair – and Babcock is helping them get resources.  Here’s hoping he opens up the checkbook to ensure they all stay in Blacksburg.

  • Obtained Cassell Coliseum Sponsorship.  Whit Babcock secured a sponsorship for the Cassell Coliseum basketball court.  This is really important in a time when more revenue is needed to compete in college athletics.

A betting man would think that Babcock’s next coaching decision is going to be on baseball.  Babcock played baseball at James Madison University, so the sport is important to him.  I think the Hokies have to make the NCAA tournament this year for head baseball coach, Patrick Mason, to stay around.  Losing to VMI isn’t going to cut it.

I honestly think that Whit Babcock is one of the best athletic directors in the country – and I’m a homer – Virginia Tech is lucky to have him in the fold.  And the results are showing – Virginia Tech, right now, has a top 20 ranking in the Director’s Cup after the 2nd Winter Standings.

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