Fake Outrage From South Carolina Media and Fanbase. #Gamecocks


Greetings, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) fans.  Hope you are enjoying the unseasonably great weather here – especially in the Washington, DC area – we are really lucky.

This is going to be a quick post here.   So, apparently, a junior member of the NCAA men’s basketball staff sent an errant text to a member of the South Carolina athletics department.   This member of the South Carolina athletics department was informed that the Gamecocks were receiving an invitation to the NCAA tournament.  Except ten minutes later, they were told it was an error – and they would not be invited.  Sh*t happens – and of course the NCAA blames a junior staffer.

Lots of fake outrage from South Carolina Gamecock basketball fans.  For example:



South Carolina lost to Georgia THREE TIMES.  Good times with the RPI at about No. 62 overall.  Additionally,

They fare slightly better in KenPom at No. 52, but again that’s right on the edge. In terms of the RPI they have beaten Texas A&M in the top-50 and that’s it. They have fallen to three teams outside of the top-130, which is more than any other bubble team. Their 8-5 mark against the top-100 is better than a lot of other bubble teams, as is their 5-5 mark on the road this season. But also, their No. 300 non-conference strength of schedule isn’t something the committee will look kindly upon, especially given the relative weakness of the SEC this year. Plus, they dropped three of their final four and five of their last eight down the stretch, so they aren’t exactly coming in hot.

The Gamecocks played and defeated no one!!!!!!!  Oh – the Gamecocks lost to Georgia Tech by 20 points in the National Invitational Tournament – and the Jackets fired their coach!!!! #GTFOH with your fake outrage, Gamecock fans!!!!!  Gamecocks had the resume of a mid-major at best – Monmouth would have defeated South Carolina!

Fact is, SEC basketball sans Kentucky and Texas A&M, was absolutely awful this year – and if anything, Vanderbilt proved to the nation that it also sucked when the Commodores got their ass kicked by Wichita State (also by 20 points) in the NCAA First Four.  It only took the most miraculous comeback in NCAA history for Texas A&M to get past Northern Iowa and into the Sweet 16 where the Aggies got torched.  #GTFOH

I’d say that the SEC basketball consultant has his work cut out for him.  Good luck, Mike.

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