How far will each ACC team go in the 2016 NCAA tournament?


Miami #3 Seed – South Region

Miami shouldn’t have any problem with Buffalo in round 1, but Arizona or Wichita State could be a real issue in round 2. If the Canes survive round 2, then I like the matchup with Villanova. I don’t trust team’s that rely on the 3 like the Wildcats, and Miami can match the guards.

This is where it ends for Miami. I’ve been hard on Kansas in the past but this year’s Jayhawk team may be the country’s best. They can score and score in bunches.

NCAA Tournament Finish – Elite 8

Duke #4 Seed – West Region

I’ll be honest I don’t like Duke this year. They are too thin on the bench. UNC-Wilmington is not an easy first round opponent. Baylor the likely 2nd round is the kind of athletic opponent that could run the Blue Devils into the ground. If UNCW doesn’t get Duke, I think Baylor will.

NCAA Tournament Finish – Round of 32

North Carolina #1 Seed – East Region

If UNC plays and defends like they did in the ACC Tournament they can win the national title. The Heels playing in Raleigh, NC should cruise into the Sweet 16. Kentucky will be a test in the Sweet 16. They can match up physically with the Tar Heels.

Other than that I think the bracket is not a difficult one for the Tar Heels. I’m not sold that 2 or 3 seed Xavier or West Virginia can beat UNC. I actually think UNC’s biggest threat here is Kentucky.

If the Heels meet a Michigan State or Virginia in the Final 4, I like their chances.

NCAA Tournament Finish – National Title Game

Notre Dame #6 Seed – East Region

I’m not high on Notre Dame. I want teams in the NCAA tournament that can defend. The Irish can’t defend. They may be able to slip by the Michigan/Tulsa winner, but West Virginia’s frentic style will cause problems for the Irish.

I’d be very surprised if the Irish can make the tournament’s 2nd weekend.

NCAA Tournament Finish – Round of 32

Pittsburgh #10 Seed – East Region

Other than beating Duke, Pittsburgh didn’t do much the last month of the season. The Panthers had recent enough problems scoring without playing a team with the deliberate pace of Wisconsin. I don’t like the game with Wisconsin. It’s one and done for the Panthers.

NCAA Tournament Finish – Round of 64

Virginia #1 Seed – Midwest Region

This brackets sets up really well for Virginia. I mean really well. The opening round games are a short drive away for UVA fan in Raleigh, NC. Hampton shouldn’t be a problem, and I don’t see an issue with the Texas Tech/Butler winner.

Iowa State might be able to give the Hoos a challenge in the Sweet 16. It would be interesting to see how UVA defends Iowa State’s George Niang.

UVA might have some real difficulties with their tournament nemesis in the Elite 8 in Michigan State. I think the Spartans should have been a 1 seed. Hall of Fame coach Tom Izzo and All-American Denzel Valentine will form a lethal combination that I’m not sure UVA can handle.  By far this is the tournament’s best 2 seed. I don’t think UVA gets past them.

NCAA Tournament Finish – Elite 8

Syracuse #10 Seed – Midwest Region

It’s simple for the Orange. The game with Dayton is tossup, but the Orange aren’t beating Michigan State. Syracuse comes into the NCAAs not playing well, having lost 5 of there last 6 games. I think the Orange get by Dayton, but barely. Then the run is over.

NCAA Tournament Finish – Round of 32

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