#ACC Due $45 Million if ESPN Does Not Offer The Conference a Network by July 1, 2016 (H/T @LvilleSprtsLive)


Happy Saturday, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) sports fans!!

Remember, tonight is the ACC Men’s Basketball Championship Game!!   #1 seed and #7 ranked North Carolina takes on #2 seed and #4 ranked Virginia at 9 PM EST on ESPN.

Just a quick post before the game tonight… our good friend, @_EthanMoore at @LvilleSprtsLive hosted @WesDurham (from @RaycomSports) on their radio show this week – you can hear the Louisville Sports Live radio show on @939TheVille.

Wes Durham told the Louisville Sports Live crew that there is apparently a clause in ESPN’s contract with the ACC that requires ESPN to provide $45 million dollars to the ACC if a network is not established by July 1, 2016 (this works out to an extra $3 million per ACC institution).  While this is not SEC or Big Ten money, it is additional revenue.  Durham told the Louisville Sports Live crew that he thought a potential ACC Channel would not be the conventional format such that “X channel” is the ACC Channel.  Durham stated that he thought it would be a multiple platform channel, which would involve ESPN, Raycom, and some online distribution.

You can hear the Louisville Sports Live radio show here.

Enjoy your Saturday and the ACC Men’s Basketball Championship Game!!

Great stuff from @Hokiesmash

@TalkinACCSports  – Just a personal opinion on this from me. This isn’t bad news of course. If an ACC Network doesn’t happen the conference will get a revenue increase. They don’t have to worry about losing subscribers, because the money is guaranteed. If the subscribers keep dropping cable, that’s less revenue for conference networks.

Here is why the ACC should fight it though if ESPN makes that offer. It is an increase, but there is no growth potential. What if conference networks get branded a different way, or what if subscribers don’t drop off that much more. The ACC has often taken the safe route, maybe it’s time they don’t just take money, but see if there are other potential growth opportunities.

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