What is Georgia Tech going to do with Brian Gregory after strong finish?


I’ll be the first to admit, I thought Brian Gregory was toast in the middle of February. Sitting at 13-12 (3-9), the Gregory watch was on. I was looking at possible coaching candidates at Georgia Tech. Gregory runs a clean program, and by  most accounts is good guy. I just thought he was overwhelmed at this level. Then a funny thing happened. Georgia Tech started winning. They beat teams like Clemson and Florida State fighting to get into the NCAAs. They beat likely NCAA teams Pittsburgh and Notre Dame. They went to final possession at Louisville. They advanced to the ACC Tournament Quarterfinals. That is the furthest the Yellow Jackets had advanced in the ACC Tournament since 2010.

It was a 2nd half job saving run that Tommy Bowden would have been proud of.

Now the decision for Georgia Tech isn’t so cut and dry, as the Yellow Jackets appear headed to the NIT. That would mark their best season since that 2010 season we just mentioned.

This was never a surefire NCAA team. Just about every ACC prediction had the Yellow Jackets finishing in the ACC 10th – 15th. A few felt the Jackets had a ceiling of an NCAA Bubble Team, and that the NIT was a reasonable goal. The Jackets should reach that goal, and may break the 20 win barrier.

It is not the season Georgia Tech should aspire too. It shouldn’t be a high water mark, but for the first time in more than half a decade the Jackets were worth watching past early February.

I’m not a fan of Gregory. I have no problem saying that. He’s 28-62 in the ACC, and for 4 straight years Georgia Tech never won more than 16 total games until this year. He never won more than 6 ACC games until this year.

This was senior laden team, built on a reasonably talented transfer class. Next year is a potential disaster in Atlanta. Ugh what to do? what to do?

I can’t believe I’m going stand up for Gregory, but he’s earned another year (if Georgia Tech does indeed end up in the NIT). I think I know how this will end up. Georgia Tech starting a young inexperienced team will have a terrible 2016-2017, and that will be the end of Gregory.

I just don’t think you can make a move now, and I don’t think Georgia Tech will either. Gregory surprised us all with the Jackets finish, and who knows if there might yet be a surprise next year. I counted out Gregory once already, and I’m having to eat a little crow now.

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