Of the two, which “alleged” Grayson Allen trip was better?

Grayson-Allen Grayson Allen is a really good basketball player. Athletically gifted with  a solid jumpshot, he’s a leading candidate for the ACC POY.

He’s got a problem though, controversy keeps surrounding him, and his 2 “alleged” tripping incidents are making him the new poster boy for Duke hate in the line of Christian Laettner and JJ Redick.

Of the two incidents which was better?

Let’s find out.

This incident happened against Louisville.

What I like about this move, is it’s subtly. Allen is already in position, but he must think quickly  if Louisville Ray Spalding is to be taken down. I wonder if Allen has had some martial arts training as this is reminiscent of a leg sweep. He rolls into the leg sweep, which gives the impression it may have been accidental.

That’s my one criticism. Allen can’t leave the impression it was an accident. I’d focus more on that, and you’ll see what I mean in a bit. Over all well done Mr. Allen – Subtle yet effective.

Here is Allen’s 2nd tripping incident, against FSU’s Xavier Rathan-Mayes. Frankly this trip is a disappointment. This trip looks forced, and then Allen tries to sell it too much by checking on Mayes. Frankly it looks a little amateurish when compared to the first trip, which was solid trip work.

The intent was unmistakable, which is an upgrade from the first video. Honestly though I was let down.

Now Allen has work to do to reach the status of Duke legend Christian Laettner. Allen’s moves especially the 2nd were clumsy. As we see below in Laettner’s signature footstomp. There is no mistaking the message in the delivery. There is no feigned concern for the opponent. The move is all in one motion. Allen needs to watch this over and over again. That’s how it is done. Also Laettner took his move national in a neutral court. Impressive… Allen has been limited to the friendly confines of Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Come on Grayson you have to fearless with this. You can just do this at home.

Allen will have to graduate from grad school tripping, excuse me alleged tripper, to challenge the great master.

I have faith in Allen, he shows good promise. He just needs to keep at it, don’t overdue things and don’t oversell it. It’s has look natural yet it has to be clear what you intended to do.

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