Georgetown Hasn’t Figured Out Fryars Double Team on Defense in Two Years


Good afternoon – I’m going to step out of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) here – and talk briefly about Georgetown University Hoyas Men’s Basketball (I’m a Georgetown alumnus – so I will tweet about the Hoyas from time to time).

II went to the game on Saturday night, January 30, 2016 at the Verizon Center when the Hoyas hosted the Providence College Fryars.  It was unbelievable to me the lack of offensive adjustments made in the Hoyas game vs. Providence College.  Specifically, their was a complete lack of awareness from the coaching staff and senior point guard, D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera (DSR), that he was being double-teamed (and sometimes even triple-teamed) on defense.  This was startling to me. I’d say on 75% of the possessions, DSR had no idea he was about to be collapsed on by 2-3 Fryers (which is bad enough – he’s a senior) – but his coaching staff had even less of an idea of this defensive grip – and this awful (if the player doesn’t see it, the coaches have to see it at some point). As a result, DSR made many bad decisions with the ball whether he drove to the hoop, got hung out in no-mans land, took bad shots, or made bad passes. DSR should know better as a senior – but if he can’t see the court well, then his coaches have to see the court for him, as well, and make adjustments on the floor.  JT3 missed that boat by a mile that night – he might have missed that boat by a 500 miles.The other players were chucking threes at inappropriate times – and missing a lot of them. If the Hoyas are having a bad shooting night, they have to drive the hoop and get fouled. This is what Providence did in that game – and they got in the bonus very early in the first and second halves. Hoyas didn’t get to the bonus until very late in the first and second halves – you saw the difference on the scoreboard. The Hoyas defense seemed to permit the Fryar guards to penetrate the lane at will. This is never good.

We fast forward to today, February 13, 2016 – and the same offensive attack is in place – Georgetown cannot figure out how to reserve the ball on offense to avoid the double team of DSR.   Someone has to be open on offense.  If you are having a bad shooting day, you have to make the court shorter – attack the hoop – and get fouled.  Get your points at the charity stripe.  Find the open man to drive the hoop.   For two years, Providence has double-teamed (sometimes triple-teamed) DSR on defense and the Hoyas have not figure how to attack or make adjustments on offense.  It is really bad to watch.  At best, the Hoyas are undisciplined on offense.  I’ll let you determine what the worst is.

I believe Georgetown will be lucky to make the National Invitational Tournament.

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