After Super Bowl win, Peyton Manning needs to take Denver’s defense to dinner.

0831_peyton-manning_650x455Just a short post following Denver’s Super Bowl win… Peyton Manning is likely going to call it a career after winning his 2nd Super Bowl. He didn’t play especially well. Manning was just 13 for 23 for 141 yards with 2 Turnovers, but he doesn’t have to apologize for anything. He is a Super Bowl winning  quarterback. Make no mistake though, Denver’s Super Bowl was won with defense.

Von Miller was un-blockable and Carolina’s Offensive line was completely manhandled by Denver’s defensive front. Cam Newton was sacked 7 times, and the prolific Panther offense was held to just over 300 yards of total offense and 10 points. The Denver defense even accounted for a TD of their own.

Peyton needs to just go ahead and take his entire defense to dinner, and I mean an expensive one like a $100 a plate steak dinner place. While he’s at it, he may want to buy Von Miller a car in one of the most dominant defensive performances you will ever see.

I didn’t have a huge rooting interest in the game. Carolina is the local team for me, but I like Peyton Manning. Either way I would have been happy with the result. Manning going out a Super Bowl winner seems fitting, but it was the Denver defense that was the star of the game.

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