Op Ed: A Letter to the King, LeBron James

Dear Mr. James,

It’s been 2 seasons so far and if you ask me, Cleveland isn’t as talented a team as the one you had in Miami. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve got some offense, but Kevin Love was never the answer. Defense is the answer and this Cleveland team plays very little. Mr. James, you just took the worst home loss of your career of 34 points. As a humble LeBron James fan, I must say, I saw it coming. See the difference between the Cavs and the Warriors is fun. The Warriors are one of the few teams in the NBA, next to the Spurs, who have fun kicking their opponent’s ass. Quite frankly, Golden State loves kicking your ass cause in predictable fashion, you’ll throw Steph Curry to the ground and JR Smith will get ejected. It’s predictably sad who this team has become when the pressure is on.

It’s time somebody told you that you need a better coach. A coach who actually holds you accountable; accountable for the times when your team gets a big lead and you just hold the ball and dribble out the clock;  Accountable for the times you take horrible shots with 3 defenders laying all over you and complain to the officials. It’s time Mr. James to look in the mirror and get out of your own way.

So, Mr. James, I beg of you. It’s “Decision” time again. Let your front office folks know Timofey Mozgov doesn’t want to play anymore, he’s fizzled just as Dion Waiters did because it’s TOO hard to win and defend in Cleveland. Tell JR, less hover rounds more defensive slides. Tell Kyrie, less dribbling for the crowd and more assists for the stat sheet. Tell James Jones you need his roster spot and just make him a team manager, he’ll still get free gear, I know cause I used to manage at Virginia Tech. Tell Tristan Thompson that Cleveland didn’t pay him all that money to grab offensive boards and miss put back layups. It’s time the Cleveland Cavaliers did some soul searching for the greater good of basketball because if you’re not careful, Mr. Curry is going to take all your spotlight, and we all know you don’t want that or it’s on to another team, probably.

So, what’s it gonna be Mr. James? Cause if it’s not fixed, it’ll be more of the same; you trying to do too much in the NBA Finals against a team that is vastly superior to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Your call.


A LeBron James fan who isn’t afraid of honesty

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