Change is inevitable. Georgia Tech basketball will never succeed with Brian Gregory.


Nearly a year ago, I asked if Georgia Tech had given up on basketball by retaining Brian Gregory.  It seems for at least for the 2015-2016 season the answer is yes. By holding on to Gregory after last season, Georgia Tech effectively threw their hands up for this season and hoped for the best.

 There were some signs of hope with wins over VCU and a recent victory over Virginia. The talent was clearly better. Adam Smith is a legit 3 point threat. Marcus George-Hunt is a solid guard, and the front court has some quality players. Point Guard is an issue, but this team has enough talent to be a bubble level NCAA team under a different head coach.

Georgia Tech is having the type season they always have under Gregory. 1 or 2 outstanding wins, coupled with lots and lots of close losses. 5 of their 7 losses this year have come by single digits. This was after a 2014-2015 season that had 14 losses by single digits. Gregory sits an incredible 20-55 in the ACC during his tenure.

That is 35 games under .500 in ACC since 2011!

Saturday further illustrated in a 78-77 defeat at the hands of Virginia the difference between a rising program and one that appears to have accepted irrelevancy.

Virginia Tech hired Buzz Williams, a proven winner from Marquette. He was tasked with rebuilding a Hokie program that had fallen off the map. Last year the Hokies went 11-22 (2-16). Just one year later the Hokies are 12-6 (4-1) already winning as many ACC games by the middle of January (4) as Gregory has won in his last 23 ACC games. The Hokies even down 10 with 4 1/2 minutes left remained assertive and composed, while Georgia Tech melted down in the final minutes in a barrage of turnovers and confusion.

Unfortunately it has been evident for the last 3 years Gregory was in over his head coaching in the ACC, but financially Georgia Tech has been handcuffed from making a move.

Last season it would have cost Georgia Tech $2.4 Million to let Gregory go. It’s appears that if Gregory is fired this season, the buyout is closer to $1.2 Million. Still a high number, but one that is more manageable.  The loss of fan interest and ticket sales at some point mitigates the cost of the buyout. That year is now.

Gregory has provided no evidence what so ever that he can ever succeed at Georgia Tech. Change is inevitable barring a miracle turnaround that no reasonable college basketball fan expects to happen.

It’s only a matter of time, before we write a list of coaching candidates that Georgia Tech can look into.

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