A laugh, I mean look at ESPN’s Final College Football FPI Rankings.



One of the most hilariously flawed “advanced metric” rankings tool the ESPN’s FPI is at it again. They just released their Final Rankings, and they got the first team correct. Alabama is ranked #1. That was correct. It was downhill from there.

Let point out the most egregious errors.

#2 Oklahoma (11-2) – The Sooners were a very good team, but they lost to Texas and got crushed by Clemson in the Orange Bowl.

#4 Ole Miss (10-3) – Good Win over Oklahoma State, but how about those blowout losses to Memphis and Florida. Nice win over Alabama, but #4 Seriously?

#5 Clemson (14-1) – Ha ha ha… ok. Clearly  the #2 team in the country.

#9 Tennessee (9-4) – A 4 loss team, with one decent win since early October. Got it.

#12 USC (8-6) – THEY LOST 6 GAMES!

#14 Arkansas (8-5) – They lost 5 games including losses to Toledo and Texas Tech.

#18 Michigan State (11-2) – Ok the loss to Alabama was humiliating, but they aren’t 17 better teams in the country.

#20 UCLA (8-5) – Yes a 5 loss team, that lost 3 of their last 4 is the 20th best team in the country.

#21 Texas A&M (8-5) – Another 5 loss top 25 team. Maybe the FPI works with the more losses the better.

#22 West Virginia (8-5) – See Above

#25 California (8-5) – The FPI’s 6th 5 loss top 25 team. Cal is ranked ahead of 10 win Utah who they lost too.

Never change ESPN FPI.

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