Articles Around the #ACC Blogosphere – December 1, 2015


ACC Championship Game week… It’s UNC and Clemson, and those are the ACC Bloggers we are going to start with.

Clemson blog RubbingtheRock is calling the ACC Championship Game, Clemson’s biggest game since 1982.  That was the year Clemson won the national title, if you didn’t know.

What’s TarHeelBlog’s reaction to the Heels being ranked 10th in the latest College Football Poll? 

What observations did Florida State blog Tomahawknation have from the Seminoles  dominanting win over the Florida Gators?

Virginia Tech blog TheKeyPlay has Justin Fuente’s thoughts on being the named the Virginia Tech Head Coach.   I really like this hire. I think the Hokies have a coach that will have them in Charlotte for the ACCCG within 3 years.

Is Mark Richt the man to beat for the Miami Hurricanes job? That’s what Miami blog CanesWarning is saying.  This would be a really good hire for Miami. Richt is a great recruiter and a solid, but not great coach. The Canes won’t win a national title under Richt, but he will make them a consistent 9-10 game winner.

ACC Blog ACCPrescription looks at cable trends and the how it could affect the development of an ACC Network.  

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