Happy Black Friday – Coaches Hot Seat Edition (h/t @CoachesHotSeat)


Good evening, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) sports fans.  It’s time for our almost end of season check-in on the #ACC College Football Coaches Hot Seat Rankings (h/t @CoachesHotSeat).  Before we do that, we bring you a great cover of Symphony X’s Legend and Dream Theater’s The Bigger Picture from Jenn PK (we’ve played both Symphony X and Dream Theater on the @AllSportsDACC podcast before) – and you can follow her on Twitter at @J3nnPK:

Make sure you enjoy Jenn PK’s performances (her YouTube channel is here) – she might have a career on the rise (I think she’s also good enough to hit Broadway).

Coaches Hot Seat

Let’s get right to it (the bigger picture as Jenn PK sung about above) – Virginia Tech, Miami, and Syracuse are going to hire new head football coaches, so these teams are not part of the most recent Coaches Hot Seat Rankings.  With only one game left in the 2015 college football regular season, we basically turn the page to next year for some coaches on the hot seat in the ACC.  As such, here are the most current rankings:

  • Coming in with the hottest coaches seat in the ACC – and #5 nationally – is Steve Addazio, Boston College Head Football Coach.  Heading into the last game of the 2015 college football season, Addazio has a record of 17 wins and 20 losses over a three year span with Boston College.  In 2014, Addazio engineered a top 10 monster win for Boston College over University of Southern California.  There are however, other coaches who have underperformed Addazio – Boston College is a hard place to win – and I respectfully disagree with the @CoachesHotSeat staff on this assessment.  I think I would have Addazio with the  second hottest seat in the ACC.

  • With a career record of 27-45 in the ACC, Mike London, the University of Virginia Head Football Coach, is rated as having the second hottest seat in the ACC (and #9 nationally).  London has spent five seasons at the University of Virginia – and has obviously been trending downward the last couple of years (as @TalkinACCSports and I have said on the @AllsportsDACC podcast, London’s administration has not helped him out with scheduling winnable games).  It is a virtual certainty that London’s contract will be terminated at the end of the football season.  With immediate termination on deck, London should have the hottest coaches seat in the ACC.

  • Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech Head Football Coach, comes in with the third hottest coaches seat in the ACC (and #11 nationally).   Johnson – coming off a double-digit season in 2014-2015 – might end up with three wins and eight losses in 2015-2016.  Woof is the answer here – Georgia Tech fans can’t be happy with this situation as Johnson received a four-year contract extension at the end of the 2014 season (his contract, set to expire at the end of the 2016 season, now goes through 2020).  Paul Johnson is someone to watch on the hot seat for 2016 (Via 247 Sports, Georgia Tech has the 70th rated 2016 recruiting class – and is last in the ACC).  With the performance of Paul Johnson and Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Brian Gregory, I imagine you’re going to find some pretty grumpy Georgia Tech fans.  That said, Paul Johnson has a career record of 61-42 at Georgia Tech – and there is not a huge indication that either the university administration or the fans want him out.  Thus, one could say that Johnson gets a pass for the 2015 season – but can’t have another season like this or the water could start boiling.

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