Miami Duke finish was an officiating debacle for the ACC

ACC-FIf you follow me on twitter or read the blog, you know I almost never complain officiating. Even with the teams I root for, I don’t do it. I believe officiating is poor across the country, and if you watch enough football you’ll see missed calls in every conference for and against every team.

Saturday night, the ACC refs gave the officials from the rest of college football something to shoot for. I don’t even know how to explain it. Miami lateraled their way to a game winning score, but nobody can make sense of what happened. ESPNU announcers said the officials got it right. It seemed like there were multiple violations. Was a flag picked up or not? The Hurricanes got called for 3 pass interference on Duke’s go ahead drive, and I’m not even sure Duke crossed the goal line on their TD. We never saw a conclusive angle.

Miami fans were irate at the previous drive. Duke fans lost it on the kickoff return. Even fans without a rooting interest don’t understand what occurred. That’s not a good look for the ACC or their officials.




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