Turn out the lights for Al Golden at Miami after a 58-0 home loss to Clemson.


A few weeks ago I said Miami’s ugly loss at Cincinnati may have been Al Golden’s last stand.   Oh it was worse Saturday, so much worse for Al Golden and Miami. The Clemson Tigers rolled into Miami and defeated the Hurricanes 58-0. If this doesn’t force a change at Miami nothing will. Clemson is very good. They are a playoff caliber team, but you’re Miami you can’t lose at home to anybody 58-0.

It was the worst home loss in Miami football history.

How bad was it? Clemson was up 42-0 at the half, and could have dropped 80 on Miami had they felt like it. The Hurricanes looked unprepared, unfocused, and listless. Miami played with a lack of pride. It was an embarrassment, and complete domination in every way.

The Tigers outgained the Hurricanes 567 – 146, 33 First Downs to 6, 416 rushing yards to 53… Is there any need to go on? What more evidence does the Miami administration need? There are no bowl wins, No ACC Titles, No Coastal Titles, No 10 wins seasons… nothing accomplished in Golden’s 5 years at Miami.

As I’ve said in the past the NCAA sanctions gave Golden some wiggle room, but that time has passed.

There are those that say Miami’s facilities are inferior,  the fan support to poor to make a real difference. Let me say without a single change at Miami other than head coach, the Hurricanes could average 8.5 wins a year. There are plenty quality coaches at the non-power 5 level that would jump at the chance to coach Miami, if they doesn’t hesitate and fail to make a move. Guys like Tom Herman at Houston, Justin Fuentes at Memphis, Matt Rhule at Temple, and Matt Campbell at Toledo are all viable candidates.

The Miami Dade County area is arguably the richest recruiting area in the nation. You can put together top 30 recruiting classes at Miami in your sleep. In general Golden has done that, but he’s losing and he’s losing big.. real big.

He’s lost the support of many Miami greats including Warren Sapp who is calling for Golden’s firing.  Can you blame him after the debacle today?

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