ACC Football Power Rankings – October 23, 2015


I came on the All Sports Discussion podcast this week, talking about things like Elijah Hood not getting carries in Charlotte, the importance of sucking up to the hosts of podcasts when you are invited to them, and racing. If you haven’t listened to that, you should. It’s a real good time, like Pitbull under an overpass. For now, to the rankings!

1. Clemson – The Tigers offense proved up to the task against one of the best defenses in the nation, as Deshaun Watson put together one of his strongest performances of the season.

2. Florida State – The Seminoles have a chance to tie the record for most consecutive ACC wins if they beat Georgia Tech this weekend. If not, then Florida State will just keep the record anyways, since it is currently held from their run during the early 1990s. So no pressure, except for the next time some alumni from those teams are visiting or something.

3. Duke – I try not to crossbreed my football and basketball too much, lest I be accused of being a North Carolinian – oh, wait – but this was too good to pass up. U MAD, WISCONSIN?

4. North Carolina – Little known fact: The Tar Heels are actually on a Shaktastic start this season.  What would we call them if they had beaten South Carolina? Shaktacular?

5. Pittsburgh – I spent last weekend around a Penguins fan, so I reflexively cringed just typing “Pittsburgh.” Darn you, Evgeni Malkin, and your hat trick in the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals. But hey, good on you on getting that road win, Panthers.

6. Louisville – Can’t even be mad about losing to Florida State on the road. It’s not like that’s the worst thing that happened in their athletic department this week.

7. NC State – The Wolfpack enjoyed a week off before they face in-state rival Wake Forest, hoping they too can drop 50 points on the Deacons like another team in the Triangle.

8. Miami – And now we look at Stacy Coley, tapping into his inner Page 143. Unfortunately, he is a member of “Team Thumb” when exchanging international hand signals. Poor technique. Gotta keep that tucked in.

9. Virginia Tech – Gosh, @hokiesmash sounded so sad on our podcast this week. That’s really all I’ve got.

10. Georgia Tech – After this past weekend, some ESPN executives looked at that Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech Thursday night showdown on The Mothership November 12, took a deep breath, stared longingly at the stars, and then also tapped into their inner Page 143.

11. Wake Forest –  The Demon Deacons have a nice little streak at home against NC State, having won every meeting between the two teams in Winston-Salem since 2001. I did not make this up. I also don’t think it will survive the weekend.

12. Boston College – The Eagles finally scored some points (17 of them, to be exact) against Clemson, only for their vaunted defense to surrender 34 because, well, the Tigers are really good at football. It’s like the no-luck pitcher that finally gets some run support only to run into a bunch of hot bats.

13. Virginia – I admittedly haven’t watched every game of the football season, but Matt Johns looks a little … different. I must have really fallen out of the loop. It’s also weird that Mike London has him dressed as an undercover UNC player for his latest sting operation for Richmond PD.

14. Syracuse – Losing to Virginia automatically drops you to the bottom of the list. It’s like winning a heavyweight championship in boxing, only the exact opposite.

Until next week, peace, love, and #goacc.

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