Clemson \ Notre Dame was the most viewed College Football game of the week, and that’s good for the ACC.


No one would argue that it wouldn’t be better if Notre Dame wasn’t a full ACC football member, but the past weekend proved just how valuable the 5 game scheduling agreement is with Notre Dame and the ACC. Prior to the game Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports called the ACC/Notre Dame genius.  

The Television Ratings for the game only add to this fact. It was the highest rated college football game of the week.  This more than doubled a top 25 game between Florida and Ole Miss – the game opposite of the Clemson/Notre Dame.

Last year’s Notre Dame/Florida State matchup of top 5 teams was the 2nd highest rated game of 2014.

This is good news for the ACC, especially for the ACC’s better football teams to have such a high profile game with Notre Dame. The scenario could not have worked out better the ACC. In the last 2 years the ACC’s best football programs Clemson this year and Florida State last year faced a top 10 Notre Dame. The game’s ratings were huge.

It’s exactly what John Swofford wanted, short of full membership for Notre Dame. Notre Dame still has drawing power, and has a strong football program. Clemson and Florida State still win the games against Notre Dame.

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