Miami’s Thursday night loss to Cincinnati may have been Al Golden’s last stand.


To say that Miami’s fans were ready to turn on head Al Golden is an understatement. The fire Al Golden banners have everywhere and they even made it the Hurricane’s Thursday night road game with Cincinnati (shown above) despite a 3-0 start, but the Canes had a chance to give their fans hope.

Win at Cincinnati, and the Hurricanes would start the year 4-0. That probably would have earned them a top 25 ranking ahead of their big annual game with Florida State. Beating the Bearcats wouldn’t mean the Hurricanes were back, but maybe it would start to indicate the Canes were finally beating teams they were supposed to beat.

Not only did the Hurricanes not beat Cincinnati, it was a coaching debacle. Recent ACC podcast guest @ScottSalomon wrote in the Miami Blog StateoftheU, that he’s had it with Al Golden.  Can you blame him and Miami fans for being on the cusp of completely giving up on Golden?

The Hurricanes 3rd down play calling Thursday night was pure comedy, and it resulted in 11 failed 3rd downs in 15 tries. Golden is 0-4 against Florida State. He’s never won an ACC Coastal Title, never finished in the top 25, and never won 10 games or more.

Yes the Canes suffered under the recent NCAA sanctions, but it’s clear Golden is not maximizing what he has at Miami. Some have argued that Miami just doesn’t spend enough on resources to be successful in college football. I’m not buying it. The Miami metro area is too rich in talent, and Hurricanes still recruits well enough, that maybe they can’t reach their glory days again, but this program should still be able to win 9-10 games a year.

Is Al Golden finished at Miami? That’s a tough question to answer 4 games into the season. Miami could still beat FSU next week, go on a winning streak and get to the ACC Championship game. It could happen, but realistically it appears Golden is in over his head, and that Miami program is stuck in mediocrity. Golden may have lost whatever remaining supporters he had following the loss to the Bearcats, and it is hard to envision him winning the Miami fans back. Cincinnati may have been his last stand…

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