ACC Football Power Rankings – September 24, 2015


This week’s power rankings come a day late, but not a dollar short. Because they are free, you see. We love you, the fan, so much here at All Sports Discussion so much that we happily provide this content to you free of charge. It’s a labor of love! And there was lots to love in the ACC this week. Like Ryan Switzer failing at communal celebration. Let’s get to the rankings.

1. Clemson – Dabo Swinney, tell us how you feel about still being number one in this week’s power rankings. Yeah, man, I feel you.

2. Florida State – Good news, the Seminoles are 3-0 after beating Boston College. Bad news, they only scored 14 points in the victory. Good news, they have a bye week to figure out how to score more points against Wake Forest.

3. Georgia Tech – The Yellow Jackets suffered their first loss of the season, but it was on the road against eighth-ranked Notre Dame. Hard to be too upset about that outcome.

4. Virginia Tech – In the “good people don’t suck” department, a couple of Virginia Tech players have started randomly buying meals for people. You know, just because. That’s pretty neat. I just need one of them to come visit a North Carolina Bojangles’ and bump into me.

5. NC State – Most “power conference” teams wouldn’t sign up for a road game at Old Dominion, but NC State did and got a 38-14 win out of it, so kudos to them for that. At least I feel like I have to offer kudos since their first two opponents were Troy and Eastern Kentucky.

6. Duke – The Blue Devils will enter conference play at 2-1 after losing to a ranked and undefeated Northwestern team. Wait … “The Blue Devils will enter conference play at 2-1 after losing to a ranked and undefeated Northwestern team.” 2015 is weird, y’all.

7. Miami – Miami fans would like you to know that they want Al Golden fired. They also want you to know that flying these “#FireAlGolden” banners is getting pricey.

8. North Carolina – Bug Howard lamented UNC’s attendance on Twitter this week, which should really motivate the fan base. I expect Heels fans to turn out in droves for this week’s 12:30 kickoff against Delaware. C’mon, Bug, you gotta save that tweet for when nobody shows up to the Wake Forest game to get people out for Virginia. Timing is everything.

9. Syracuse – The Orange has won its first three games, but will face its toughest test of the season this week. They host undefeated LSU, whose fan base has every intention of drinking all the alcohol in upstate New York.

10. Louisville – The Cardinals have started three quarterbacks in three games and have zero wins to show for it. Their opening schedule has been brutal, and there’s still time for them to turn it around, but it’s definitely not how you want to start the year.

11. Pittsburgh – “Alright, guys. After Iowa misses this 57-yard field goal, we’ll go to overtime and win this game!” “Well, s—.” Fortunately, the Panthers have an off week to recover from that emotionally.

12. Boston College – The Eagles lost starting quarterback Darius Wade for the season to an ankle injury against Florida State. This means the Boston College will choose this week between freshman quarterbacks Tony Flutie and Jeff Smith. A long year just got longer.

13. Virginia – This has been beaten to death, but let’s mention it again. Now that Virginia finally has some momentum from beating William & Mary, the Cavaliers will now face Boise State. WHY? WHO SCHEDULED THIS? WHO SCHEDULES FOR VIRGINIA? WHY DO YOU HATE FUN?

14. Wake Forest – See, like Wake Forest! The Deacons are 2-1 after beating Army. Schedule Army, Virginia! It’ll be okay! Thomas Jefferson instituted the United States Military Academy, and we know how much you love that guy!

Until next week, peace, love, and #goacc

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