Could the Pac 12 give up full network ownership?


We’ve written several articles here about the possible ACC network, but we’ve also kept an eye on other conference network goings on. An interesting news bit came out on Pac 12 network recently.

As we know the Pac 12 is fully owned by the Pac 12 conference. That may be about to change. This is a snippet from an article from Mercury News. 

The Pac-12 Networks likely will be forced to overhaul their cherished business model in order to reach a carriage agreement with DirecTV this fall.

DirecTV’s parent company, AT&T, may take an equity stake in the networks, which have been wholly owned by the conference since their launch three years ago, according to industry sources

Such an arrangement, if finalized, could require the networks to change the terms of existing carriage deals with partners like Comcast and DISH, potentially resulting in lower subscription prices across the board..

This is extremely interesting, and can’t be the way the Pac 12 envisioned their network going after 3 years.

Does this affect the ACC network in anyway and what have learned from this? It’s hard to say if there is any direct effect, other than going the network route alone would have been a mistake.

We know the ACC isn’t doing this. Their network will by all accounts will be partnered with ESPN.

We’ve also learned that despite the SEC Networks initial success, that Big 10 network took years to be successful. The Mountain West Sports Network didn’t survive, and the Pac 12 network is still struggling. Don’t underestimate the complexities involved with starting a conference network.

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