Everything wrong with North Carolina football under Larry Fedora was on display against South Carolina.



North Carolina has been a program that since the late 90s when Mack Brown left that has been the epitome of mediocre. They haven’t been bad enough to be called awful, but they haven’t won more than 8 games since 1997.

Larry Fedora’s Tar Heels have been wildly inconsistent. They play great then terrible. The offense looks awesome for 3 weeks, then falls apart. This team needed a spark. Thursday was a chance at that. Playing a very average  South Carolina team. the Tar Heels time and time again snatched defeat from the hands of victory. The much maligned UNC defense, to their credit played their hearts out. They held South Carolina to 17 points, and in general looked improved even if lacking in talent.

The Tar Heels offense was collection of poor execution, sloppy play, and bizarre play calling. QB Marquise Williams had a disastrous game throwing 3 interceptions, including 2 in the redzone. Immensely talented RB Elijah averaged better than 10 yards a rush, on 12 carries. You’re best offensive player ran the ball 12 times. Fedora came in as noted offensive coach, but going back to last season’s last 2 games a 35-7 loss to NC State and a 40-21 bowl loss to Rutgers the offense has become a complete mess.

Isn’t that the problem though with UNC football? The defense plays well, but the offense doesn’t An All-ACC caliber QB in Williams, plays like a true freshman overwhelmed by the moment. Larry Fedora forgets who is best player is at critical points in the game. Sometimes it just seems as if he is in over his head. I’m not sure he’ll ever turn UNC into a winner.

That’s North Carolina football. Not awful, but not good. Close but not quite. Close, but in reality really far away. They do just enough to give their fans hope, and then botch it all up. It’s their history, and it was there again tonight. That’s Carolina football in a nutshell, and it was all on display against the Gamecocks.

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