CBSSports.com’s Dennis Dodd boldy predicts ACC Network and Notre Dame to ACC in the near future.


Did you happen to see CBSSPorts.com’s Dennis Dodd make the prediction below in his 25 Things to Watch : Previewing the 2015 College Football Season a couple of days ago.

25. Bold prediction: The ACC will add its own network and — soon — another team. Hint: A certain nationally known independent.

Well then… Dodd is a good sports reporter, but he has a tendency to run with some topics when he’s predicting the future. Is there any possibility of the ACC getting a Network and Notre Dame joining as a full member. I think it’s safe to assume Dodd is talking about Notre Dame.

The network prediction isn’t a stretch. Even though the ACC and John Swofford have been quiet on subject for sometime, there isn’t any reason at the moment to think the Channel still isn’t very much in the works.

Now the Notre Dame prediction is right in line with what Dodd said a few weeks ago, when he suggested that the Irish had lost their independent luster.   I have to tell you… I’m not seeing this one, at least not for awhile.

There are some valid reasons that Notre Dame should join the ACC. There’s the conference champion component to the playoff. The committee may hold that against the Irish should Notre Dame be in contention for a playoff spot with 4-5 other power 5 conference champions.

The ACC provides Notre Dame the opportunity to frequently play in the talent rich South without ignoring their Northeastern fanbases.

With an 8 game conference schedule the Irish can still player their western opponents that they desire. I just don’t see these reasons as big enough (at the moment) to get Notre Dame into the ACC.

Some argue that the Irish won’t give up their exclusive TV $$$ contract with NBC. Money isn’t a factor to Notre Dame. Whether they make more with NBC or the ACC, that won’t factor into the Irish’s decision. If it was only about money, the Irish could have joined the Big 10 years ago and be rolling in dough.

It comes down to one thing for Notre Dame… independence.  The leaders of Notre Dame will fiercely hold on to this. It is their identity, a dated one, but still their identity. The Irish will not give this up easily.

That doesn’t mean it won’t eventually happen. At some point I believe Notre Dame will join the ACC, but that would be several years away.

If Swofford did pull off the ACC Network/Notre Dame double in the next couple of years, it would be the greatest conference move of the last 25 years. It would blow away the SEC starting the conference champion games, or the Big 10 being the first to form a conference network.

Sorry Dennis, I’m buying the Network starting up soon, but not the Notre Dame prediction.

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