@AllSportsDACC contributors and a couple of guests giving closing preview thoughts on 2015 ACC Football.


Closing Comments:

Jeff: I think this year you see the ACC with legitimate depth. Clemson and FSU are perennial top 20 teams, and usually a third or fourth team breaks through into the top 25. It’s the 5-9 teams where the ACC struggles. This year the middle will feature solid teams like NC State, Pittsburgh, and Duke. All should be in the 8 win territory. This is the deepest the ACC has been in recent years.

Opening week prediction – Either Louisville beats Auburn or Virginia Tech knocks off Ohio State, and the ACC will finish .500 or better against the SEC for the second year in a year in a row. Oh and don’t say “Clemsoning” this year or call Georgia Tech’s offense a gimmick. I will think you don’t know squat about college football if you do. You’ve been warned.

Matthew: I think we’re going to see a year where the ACC has five 9-win or more teams – that’s pretty darn good.  I think the Coastal Division is going to add a couple of them this year – and that’s good for the ACC overall.  In the past couple of years, the Atlantic Division has had to carry the load – but it’s going to be more balanced this year from this perspective.  I also think you’re also going to see the ACC win it’s rivalry games vs. the SEC.

Additionally, I’ll take the ACC’s top 6 quarterbacks, including Deshaun Watson (Clemson), Justin Thomas (Georgia Tech), Jacoby Brissett (North Carolina State), Brad Kaaya (Miami), Marquise Williams (North Carolina), and I’ll throw even Everett Golson (Florida State) in there, although, he’s had some turnover issues.  But I think Jimbo is going to help Golson get better.  I’m excited for ACC football to begin!!

Zach: This is the most excited I’ve been about the top half of the ACC in several years. Not only are the usual suspects all good at the same time, but there’s another group of three or four teams that will have no problems threatening them this season. And it’s entirely possible that a dark horse team, such as NC State, Pittsburgh, or Duke, could mix things up as well.

Jerran: ACC Football is upon us and if things pan out like they should, the ACC is in for a big year conference wise. The Coastal Division is usually Virginia Tech vs everybody else but the talent God’s have shifted the odds in favor of the others. Pittsburgh may surprise some people, that James Connor is a monster. The Coastal Division Champion could come down to 1 or 2 games which makes for a very interesting season.

Black Friday showcases Virginia Tech vs NC State in a rare Friday game. Louisville will upset Auburn, Week 1. I’m just ready for ACC Football honestly. Anything is possible which makes for fun footballing!

Dan: Finally, the ACC has more than two good teams! I think the ACC will get some respect this year. Between Florida State, Clemson, Louisville, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Duke, the ACC has six potential top-25 teams. This is the year to expect the unexpected. Both divisions will have razor thin races going into November. You can look as far as the six games between the teams listed above to decide both divisions. I could even see some crazy tiebreakers go into effect in those division races. It’s been awhile since the league had ranked teams battling it out in each division. Should be an exciting season.

@DrunkenGobbler: The ACC is poised to have a big 2015 campaign with a number of teams ready to knock off the Seminoles after 2 years of dominance. Will the Hokies return to former glory? Will Deshaun Watson stay healthy and knock off the Noles?

Will Georgia Tech build off their 11-win campaign and Orange Bowl victory? The unknown that is ACC football will soon start to take shape as we are just a couple weeks away from the start of the 2015 season. The only thing I know for sure is that when you try to predict what will happen in the ACC you are all but guaranteed to be wrong about something and at the end of the season someone will be echoing the sentiment of page 145 of the ACC Media Guide. #goacc

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