2015 AP College Football Pre-Season Top 25 released – Quick Thoughts from an ACC Perspective


The AP Top 25 was released Sunday.  From the ACC Florida State was #10, Clemson #12, and Georgia Tech #16. Only the Pac 12 and SEC had 3 teams ranked higher. Should ACC fans feel slighted or good about where the ACC teams are ranked?

Overall I don’t have much problem with this. Florida State and Clemson lost a lot of talent of top 15 teams, and to be ranked again among the top 12 proves that those programs are not expected to rebuild, but reload. When traditional powers like Texas, Florida, Penn State, and Nebraska are nowhere to be seen among the top 25, you know a program’s perception can sink over time.

Georgia Tech is a solid top 20 team coming off an 11 win season with highly regarded wins over Clemson, Georgia, and Mississippi State. If you want respect, you get it on the field. That’s where Virginia Tech and Louisville come in. Both are in the other’s receiving votes category. They will have their opportunity to enter polls in week 2 if the can defeat  Ohio State and Auburn week 1.

There will be some national frustration with 8 SEC teams in the top 25. Certainly the AP and Coaches polls are flawed, but when compared to the laughable ESPN FPI at least there seems to some semblance of logic to it. Let the games begin!

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