Articles Around the #ACC Blogosphere – August 17, 2015



The slowest month of the year continues to drag on… There are still 2 1/2 more weeks until the college football season begin. It’s on the horizon though. Here is a check around the ACC Blogosphere to help you get through.

Who is the most overrated team in the ACC going into the 2015 football season?  That’s what our friends at the TheStudentSection are asking.

How about a Florida State practice report from FSU blog Tomahawknation? They have a writeup of FSU’s first fall scrimmage. 

Georgia Tech blog FromTheRumbleSeat is getting restless waiting for football season to start. They preview a couple of positions and take one last look at Georgia Tech’s remarkable 2014. 

As Virginia Tech prepares for their huge opening against Ohio State, Hokie blog asks who would Virginia Tech rather face Cardale Jones or J.T. Barrett at QB for the Buckeyes?  I’ll be honest I’d rather play the guy I’ve beat before and that’s Barrett.

UNC released new information to the NCAA regarding more potential violations this past week. TarHeelBlog assesses the latest new on this ugly situation that just won’t come to an end for the Heels.

Miami blog CanesWarning has 5 areas Miami football needs to improve on this year.

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