Final Thoughts on the 2015 PGA Championship: Jason Day out duels Jordan Spieth to win first major.


It was only a matter of time for Jason Day. He’s been one of the most consistent major championship players over the last 5 years. Day finally got his first major out dueling 2-Time Major Winner Jordan Spieth. I can see him winning 4-8 majors over the course of his career. He’s contended at every major. Day is a very popular champion this week. He overcame dizzy spells earlier this year, and this is a well earned victory.

If anyone was concerned about golf post the Tiger Woods era. There is nothing to worry about. Day at only 27 years of age looks like he will be contending for majors for years to come.Rory Mcilory is well Rory Mcilory. Jordan Spieth is in early 20s and already a US Open and Masters winner. Don’t forget Rickie Fowler. He lacks a major, but he’s been in the winners circle a couple of times this year including a Players Championship. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time Day and Spieth are grouped together in the final round of a major.

  • Jordan Spieth gave it everything he had going for his 3rd major in 2015, but Jason Day was just better this week. Spieth went an incredible 1,1,T4,2 and this year’s majors. It was the greatest season of major championship golf since Tiger Woods in 2000. Spieth is here to stay and the sky is the limit on his career. He’ll move to number 1 in the world. 
  • Rory Mcilory had a bit of rust this week, but proved just how good he is. Despite not playing for a couple of months he still had a top 20 PGA Championship in his first tournament since his ankle injury. Future battles with Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, and likely Rickie Fowler as well over the next 10-15 years are going to be a tremendous amount of fun. I’m sure he took notice of Spieth’s and Day’s 2015 season.
  • Tiger Woods is just so sad to watch these days. That makes 3 straight missed cuts in majors now. I don’t think Tiger needs more practice, he’s need to keep playing tournament golf if he ever wants to regain enough confidence to be a competitive touring pro.
  • A golfer aging much more gracefully is Phil Mickelson. Mickelson went 9 under over the weekend, to finish in the top 20. That was his 6th Top 30 major finish in his last 7 events. Mickelson still brings some elite level golf especially at the majors. Don’t count him out next year to contend at major or two.
  • Dustin Johnson just can’t break through. He opened with a 66, then faded, but enough together for a top 10. This guy is so ridiculously talented, you have to believe at only 31, he’s going to have plenty of chances. He’s got a quite a bit of scar tissue to work through.

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