Has John Swofford put a stop to public discussions on the ACC Network?


Getting news about the ACC Network is about as easy these days as breaking into Fort Knox. Yes there was David Teel’s ( @DavidTeelatDP ) recent one on one interview with John Swofford. That gave us some idea of where the network discussions are. Teel came as close as anyone to breaking Swofford’s network vault.

In the last couple of weeks a couple of people you’d think may know something about the ACC Network  are as tight lipped as ever.

@JeffFischel of the ACC’s Digital Network was asked about a potential network by Louisville Sports Live. Fischel in not so many words said the ACC wants to keep things quiet regarding a network. Listen for yourself at the 30 minute of the podcast. He did reveal that he expected some sort of announcement in the next 6 months, but even that timing was up in air.

Fischel couldn’t say much, but certainly an ACC athletic director would have something to say about an ACC Network.

@DavidTeelatDP interviewed Virginia Tech AD Whit Babcock and asked him about an ACC Network.

“I think like everything in our industry, that’s changing and you need to be aware of it,” Babcock said of the cable television dynamic. “The ACC channel, Commissioner Swofford would be better to make comments on that. But in general, you read about the cost-cutting of ESPN and all those things. Just like athletic departments, there’s cost-cutting, but if I see a revenue opportunity, I’m going to do that. So if a channel were to happen, and again that’s Commissioner Swofford and a small group working on that, if it were to happen, I’m confident it would be a revenue-generator. I’m not at all concerned about ESPN’s cost-cutting measures impacting that, if it happens.

Some vague comments here, that basically defer to Swofford. These are pretty similar to comments Fischel made.

Here is my impression, Swofford has ACC members on lockdown when it comes to talking about the network. Just last month in his interview with Teel, he made no indication that things weren’t moving forward. I believe the network negotiations are nearing their final stages, and Swofford has gone into full ninja mode. As I’ve said before on this blog, I’d still like a little more positive PR here, but if Swofford doesn’t network details revealed it’s not going to happen.

Before Notre Dame joined the ACC, the Irish thought word would leak out. It never did, and it’s likely not going to happen here either.

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