Best and Worst case record for Louisville football in 2015

Louisville v Purdue

Best / Worse Case Record for :

Georgia Tech | Virginia | Miami | Clemson | Duke | Boston College | Pittsburgh | Florida State | Virginia Tech | NC StateSyracuse | North Carolina | Wake Forest

Louisville’s first season in the ACC didn’t disappoint. A solid 9-4 2015 and top 25 finish gave the ACC much needed football depth. There was a win at Notre Dame and highly competitive games with Clemson and Florida State, and the season ending win over Kentucky was part of the ACC’s 4-0 rivalry weekend record over the SEC. The Cardinals also had 10 players drafted into the NFL this past spring. That was 2nd only to Florida State. Can the Cardinals keep the momentum going?

Will Go 10-2 (6-2) if:
Louisville can settle on a quarterback and get solid play from that position… At this time the Cardinals still have named a starting quarterback. That’s not a problem in itself really, but if the Louisville is going to have a special season they need the quarterback position whether it is Will Gardner, Reggie Bonnafon or someone else to really step up. Louisville lost a lot of WR talent, and will have a lot of inexperience there. It certainly doesn’t hurt that coach Bobby Petrino is one of the best offensive minds around to work around these issues.

The defense has big holes to fill, but this group has the talent to be as good if not better than last year’s group. There’s plenty of athleticism there. The Cardinals have more top to bottom talent than anyone on their schedule outside of Clemson, FSU, and Auburn. NC State will be an especially tricky road game, but a 2-2 split here is not impossible.

Will Go 7-5 (4-4) if:
The quarterback position is a problem. Let’s face it, quarterback is a question mark here, and other than James Quick who’s going to catch the ball? There’s potential at WR, but it’s not proven. We know Petrino can coach them up on offense, but that side of the ball is not as set as some other ACC schools. Auburn is a tough opener, and Clemson, FSU, and NC State will certainly be early  challenges too. Road games at Pittsburgh and Kentucky are no gimmes either late in the season. If the defense can’t carry the load early, Louisville could lose 4 of it’s first 6 games.

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