Best and Worst case record for Clemson football in 2015


Best / Worse Case Record for :

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After 4 straight years of double digit wins, and bowl victories over of the likes LSU, Ohio State, and Oklahoma, Clemson has established itself as one of the premier football programs in the country. They have been tabbed as this year’s ACC favorite. Can they end Florida State’s 3 year run as ACC Champion? Can they go from being a very good program, to one that contend for national titles?

Will Go 12-0 (8-0) if:
If Deshaun Watson plays every game, and the defense doesn’t have a significant drop off after being the nation’s #1 unit last year. Losing your team’s QB and best player will hurt any team. Georgia Tech will suffer without Justin Thomas. NC State will take a hit without Jacoby Brissett. The difference is Watson suffered multiple injuries last year, and is one more setback from having the dreaded “injury prone” label. When healthy he’s as good as any quarterback in the country.

The WR group is the nation’s best and if they live up to the hype will be close to unstoppable. The defense loses a bunch of talent, but Clemson has recruited well. The Tigers are favored in every one of their games at the moment, and Georgia Tech, FSU, and Notre Dame come Death Valley. Going undefeated always takes a bit of luck, but Clemson could have the make up to do it.

Will Go 8-4 (5-3) if:
Deshaun Watson gets hurt… With apologies to backups Nick Schuessler, Kelly Bryant, and Tucker Israel if Watson goes the Tigers go from potential playoff team, to the 3rd in the ACC Atlantic. His health is a must, and that means a decent but inexperienced offensive line must come together quickly. The schedule is a challenge. Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, and FSU are all capable of beating of Clemson even in Death Valley, and road games at Louisville, Miami, NC State, and possibly South Carolina will be a challenge. If the defense struggles, Clemson could end up in several shootout type games.

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