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Good evening, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) sports fans. Woof – we’re in that dead season now – only about four Saturdays until college football starts – heaven help us get by 😉

Recently, @TalkinACCSports and I have been answering ACC mailbag questions (we will answer any question – within reason as long as it’s clean – about the ACC). Please see our first two installments here (where we answered @Civilian_Wolf’s question about the Virginia Tech – North Carolina State University football game) and here (where we answered @RedWhitePodcast question about whether Pittsburgh is underrated).

Today, we get the question from @BobNox who asks when will Virginia get the Commonwealth Cup back from the Hokies?

The Hokies have held the Commonwealth Cup almost 4000 days, right, @WillsWorldMN?


Well, let’s be exact on the number of days – and look at @CommonwlthCup’s twitter feed:

First, let me give you the homer answer: When do I think University of Virginia will win the Commonwealth Cup? Not for a long, long, long time 😉 I’m a Hokie fan – what do you expect me to say as a homer? 😉

Second, let me give you the analyst answer: As long as Mike London is the head football coach in Charlottesville, the Commonwealth Cup will remain in Blacksburg (that should tell you that I think Virginia Tech will win the 2015 Commonwealth Cup, which will be the 12th in a row for the Hokies). Virginia’s best chance to win the Commonwealth Cup will be when they hire a new coach (and even then as a Hokie fan on gameday, I will never have Virginia Tech losing that game – you can’t expect not to be a homer a little bit here, right lol?). It will be interesting to watch football head coach hires over the next couple of years in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I believe that Virginia will buy out the final year of Mike London’s contract after this season and will hire a new football coach (and the new coach’s first season will be in 2016 – does that give the Hoos a jump on recruiting?). Virginia Tech’s contract with Frank Beamer (the winningest and longest, active tenured coach in FBS football) runs through the end of the 2016 season – but there is some uncertainty after that (There are some Hokie fans that think a coaching change should have been made a long time ago, other Hokie fans who think that Frank deserves to leave on his own terms, and there are still other Hokie fans like me that aren’t really worried about when Frank leaves because Whit Babcock will make the change when the time is right). If Virginia makes a good hire before Virginia Tech (if Virginia Tech has a vacancy before Virginia), could that impact the Hokies continued success in the Commonwealth Cup? Maybe – it’s too early to tell. Ralph D. Russo, the national college football writer for the Associated Press, has a pretty decent suggestion for the next Virginia football coach (you’ll have to click on the tweet to see his Dave Lembo suggestion):

Russo also gives his take on Virginia Tech’s next football coach:




But you know the Hokie fan in me is going to say that Virginia Tech is always going to win that game 😉

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