Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere August 3, 2015



As we turn the calendar to August, what do the ACC Bloggers have to say? Just another month until football season!

What would the off-season be without an expansion rumor? Texas to the ACC? asks ACC Blog ACCPrescription. This is interesting to talk about, but I don’t see any any Power 5 movement for several years if at all. That doesn’t mean Power 5 conferences should sit back like nothing will happen. The arms race never ends, and working to increase revenue and playoff positioning is a constant battle.

Don’t agitate #FSUTwitter… Paul Finebaum says the Noles are in decline and not a top 10 team. FSU blog Tomahawknation responds…  5 Loss Auburn is ranked #7 certainly makes sense to me though.

Speaking of Auburn, Louisville blog CardinalSportsZone previews the Tiger defense ahead of Louisville’s big game with Auburn in week 1.

Find out why TarHeelBlog is pleased not to see the Tar Heels in the Pre-season top 25 coaches poll. 

Clemson blog RubbingtheRock talks about just how good QB Deshaun Watson could possibly be.  Watson has every tool you want in a quarterback. If he stays healthy well you know…

The Big 10 recently said they would no longer schedule FCS schools starting in 2016. Boston College blog BCInterruption wonders how this will affect future Boston College and ACC Scheduling.   Personally I think this is irresponsible of the Big 10. This is a conference rolling in money, and many FCS schools have the bulk of their athletic departments by scheduling power 5 conference games. Should the other 4 Power 5 conference also do this, it would be at the determinant of college athletics as a whole. I guess that’s never mattered to the college athletic power brokers. This stance is misguided – one FCS game isn’t going to make or break a SOS.

Pittsburgh blog CardiacHill says that Penn State is a more important rival to Pitt than West Virginia.    I thought the Backyard Brawl was pretty big myself, but Pitt blogs and fans know their program better than I. This can’t make WVU fans too happy.

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