Don’t like Notre Dame football independence? Blame your Power 5 Conference Commissioners.


So in the last two weeks we’ve heard a lot of complaining from head coaches across the country that Notre Dame needs to be in a conference.


That’s a lot coaches from the ACC making complaints. Kyle Whittingham from Utah represents the Pac 12 and Gary Pinkel from Missouri  covers the SEC. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more of the same from other coaches questioning Notre Dame football independence for years to come. I’ll be the first to say it would be great if Notre Dame fully joined the ACC in football.

In fact I think it will eventually happen, but not anytime soon. By that I mean I don’t see Notre Dame moving into the ACC for at least 10 years despite what these coaches want, but don’t blame Notre Dame.

The real blame lies in the Power 5 conference commissioners, ADs, and college presidents. When the college football playoff format came into existence that was the opportunity for the Power 5 to black ball Notre Dame’s independent status. It’s would have been simple. You have to be a member of a conference to make the playoff. At the very least make it a significant component of making the playoffs. 

Maybe Power 5 leaders were concerned that Notre Dame would join a rival conference great enhancing that conference. You can’t have it both ways though. Either you force the Irish into a conference or you don’t. Notre Dame isn’t coming willingly. As far as we know no Power 5 conference put up much resistance to Notre Dame and their current status.

These coaches can complain all night and day, but if they want Notre Dame in a conference they better go to their conference commissioners, ADs, and school decision makers. They are the only ones that can move this along faster than Notre Dame wants.

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