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Aren’t the last 5-6 weeks before football season starts the toughest? I don’t know about you, but late July through August just seems like an eternity to me. Let’s see what the ACC Bloggers have for us to read to help get us through the dog days summer.

Remember when we said ESPN’s pre-season Football Index was downright laughable?  It looks like we weren’t the ones to notice. ACCPrescription takes their turn  ridiculing the index, and so does Florida State blog Tomahawknation. Tomahawknation says ESPN has lost it’s mind. 

Clemson blog RubbingtheRock takes a stab at the Tigers final record for this football season. 

We’ve got a little time for basketball. Louisville blog CardinalSportsZone writes that Rick Pitino says that this year’s Cardinal basketball team will be a fan favorite.

Virginia blog StreakingtheLawn tells us that academics are not the problem with Virginia football. When schools like Georgia Tech and Duke have each put together a 10+ win season in the last two, I’d say tough academic schools can compete in football.

Will the Cost of Attendance cost Syracuse in recruiting asks Syracuse blog NunesMagician?  This is a question that many schools will be asking.

 ACC Blog ACCNation.net gives us their pre-season ACC Football rankings. This is well worth a ready, as you’ll see those ACC predictions popping up all over.

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