ESPN’s pre-season Football Power Index is good for a hearty laugh.


If ESPN is trying to silence any perceived SEC Bias, then this isn’t going to help.  Every single SEC team is among the top 51 team in the country. I’m pretty sure Vanderbilt was one of the 20 worst teams in the country last year. That included a 3 point win over UMASS and 1 point win over national power Charleston Southern.
 7 SEC teams are in the top 13 including 6 loss teams Tennessee and Arkansas. 5 Loss LSU and 5 Loss Texas A&M also made the list. 42-3 loser of the Chick Fil A Peach Ole Miss also makes the top 13.
The FPI is calculated as
  • FPI: Football Power Index that measures team’s true strength on net points scale; expected point margin vs average opponent on neutral field.

Yes of course… That’s clear.

Look the SEC has some very good teams. Alabama should again be a threat for the College Football Playoff. I think Georgia is a top 15 team, and beyond that there many questions marks for the rest conference. I’m not ready anoint LSU, Auburn, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tennessee  as top 15 teams until I see something on the field that justifies it.

Did bowl season just not happen? Did the SEC West’s 5 highest ranked teams not lose at that time – some rather decisively?

There really isn’t anything to add this. It’s simply leaves me shaking my head.

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