Final Thoughts on the 2015 British Open: Zach Johnson wins, Jordan Spieth denied shot at the Grand Slam.



Let’s give Zach Johnson his due. Coming into the final round of the British Open, the story was Jordan Spieth’s pursuit of the Grand Slam, or amateur Paul Dunne making a run at the major. Maybe Sergio Garcia or Jason Day were going to win their 1st major. Zach Johnson came into Monday a bit under the radar, but proved with a final round 66, and now his second major, the 2007 Masters was his first, that he is one of the best grinders on tour.

Sure he had won 9 times since that 2007 Masters, but I think for a time Zach Johnson was in that one-hit wonder category. He’d caught lightening in a bottle at the Masters and fashioned a nice career, but that was about it. You can’t say that now. This second major validates Johnson’s career. With now 12 career wins, and 2 majors. The unassuming Johnson is now a 2-3 PGA Tour wins or another major from being considered one of the 10 best golfers of the last decade. His record proves it. Don’t count him out, when he’s near the lead of a major.

  •  Jordan Spieth came oh so close to the 3rd leg of the Grand Slam. Finishing just 1 stroke out of the playoff, this 21 year old will be one of golf’s dominant forces for the next 15-20 years barring something unforeseen. He can play any course under and conditions in the world. We are waiting for a Rory Mcilory vs Jordan Spieth showdown. 
  • If Dustin Johnson had Jordan Spieth mind, he’d have 4 or 5 majors by now, and a couple of blowout victories. This immensenly talented golfer, has problems between the ears. It’s that simple. At age 31, over the next 2-3 years we’ll find out if Dustin Johnson can fully overcome his mental issues and start winning multiple starting in his 30s ala a Phil Mickelson, or if he becomes a Lee Westwood type where he contends and contends but apparently never wins that major.
  • Speaking of player who’s been close to a major time and time again, Sergio Garcia had another top 10 in a major. That’s 20 in his career, without a major win. We know the game is there, but like Dustin Johnson how do you overcome what obviously is a mental block in the majors?
  • Everything about Tiger Woods’s golf game is just sad. I’ve never been a Woods fan, but to see such a formerly great player go out the way he is… Well it is just hard to watch. He didn’t sniff making the cut, and is in game in complete shambles.
  • While Woods’s game is in sudden and dramatic decline, Phil Mickelson’s is in a slow gradual one. He doesn’t contend quite as often, but a T20 wasn’t a bad finish for Lefty. He played the 17th hole in +5 this week. If he plays that hole at +1 he’s in the thick of things. Mickelson isn’t done making runs at a major championships.
  • Jason Day continues to be all over major leaderboards. Of any of the majorless players we’ve mentioned, he’s the one I’m most confident will eventually win one. I see Day being a multiple major winner.
  • The PGA Championship will head to Whistling Straits in Haven Wisconsin where Zach Johnson and Dustin Johnson both finished in the top 5 in 2010.

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