Articles From Around the ACC Blogosphere – July 19, 2015


Good evening, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) sports fans.  August is right around the corner – you can feel college football coming.  Until then, make sure you check out all our great ACC content at All Sports Discussion.  Also, make sure you follow our Twitter account at @AllSportsDACC.

This evening, I’m stealing a page out of my colleague, Jeffrey Fann (@TalkinACCSports), and his book.  Without further ado, here’s my edition of the Around the ACC Blogosphere:

  • Virginia Tech independent blog, The Tech Lunch Pail, asks if Jonathan McLaughlin will have a bounce back sort of season.  My short answer:  Yes.

  • Fansided’s Clemson sports blog, Rubbing the Rock, analyzes who the favorite is to win the ACC Coastal Division this year.  While I agree with the writer that Georgia Tech comes in a the favorite, I disagree 100% with the writer of this article on his assessment of Duke and North Carolina.  Who is playing QB for the Blue Devils? When has North Carolina actually played defense in the Larry Fedora era?  Here’s how I am leaning right now:  Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Duke, Miami and Virginia (that could change next week lol).

That’s it for this week – join us again next week for another edition of the Around the ACC Blogosphere.

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