What are the ACC’s most intriguing Questions going into their Football Media Days.


The ACC’s football media days are just around the corner. They start July 19. For the schedule and all things related to the ACC Football Medias, check out the ACC’s Football Kickoff Page. 

As the ACC heads into their media days, there is optimism that the ACC’s worst football days are well behind them. After 3 straight years of nationally competitive football, the ACC has proved it has teams capable of playing with anyone in the country. No longer does the ACC have to defend itself and it’s football reputation with little results to point to. The results are there with 3 straight Orange Bowl wins from 3 different teams (FSU, Clemson, Georgia Tech), Florida State’s national title in 2013, and wins from across the conference against programs like Ohio State, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, USC, Florida, and Notre Dame.

So going into the Media Days, what are the most intriguing questions for the ACC?

1) Update on the ACC Network. Can we get one? 

We know John Swofford isn’t going to give us any details on the ACC Network until he’s good and ready, but how about dropping a nugget on the progress besides “things are where we expected with ESPN”. I guarantee any positive news would be welcome and would be good PR for the conference.

2) How do Jimbo Fisher and Florida State answer question concerning off the field player issues? 

Jimbo and FSU don’t need to take a defensive stance if asked about this which I am sure they will be. Take a pro-active position on how the Seminoles will work to curb the off the field problems. The Noles can’t control how the media reports on them, ( I have some thoughts on that, coming in a future blog post ), but they can control how they react. The administration getting publicly involved is a good start, and I think FSU has done some good things in recent weeks.

3) Is Clemson ready to take the next step? 

4 straight 10+ wins season, 3 straight bowl wins, 4 straight top 25 finishes – The Tigers have established themselves as a premier football program, are they a real threat for the CFP? The answer to every Clemson question is “If Deshaun Watson is Healthy”. It’s that simple…

4) Can Georgia Tech follow up their 11 win season with another strong year? 

That last time the Yellow Jackets followed up a double digit win season with a 9+ win season were the 1952-1953 years. A 9+ win season would be a major break through for this program. Expectations will be high in Atlanta. The perennially under-valued Yellow Jackets, will have to deal with being the hunted this season.

5) Will Virginia Tech’s offense start catching up to their defense? 

The Hokies will have one of the best defenses in the country, coming out of the Media Days I’m sure VT fans will what want to hear about some improvements on offense. WR Isaiah Ford and TE Bucky Hodges provide great weapons on that side of the ball.

6) Should Al Golden, Larry Fedora, and Mike London be nervous about their jobs?

Especially in the case of London it should be interesting answering questions knowing that he enters what could be his last season at Virginia. Al Golden shouldn’t be so comfortable either at Miami. It’s time to turn the corner in South Florida. Patience is wearing thin at UNC for Larry Fedora as well, but with the NCAA investigation black cloud still hovering over Chapel Hill, Fedora may have a little more time. I’d expect that topic to come up for Fedora this week.

7) Who’s going to play quarterback at Louisville?

I think Louisville has enough athletes to be very solid provided they get good quarterback play. Coach Bobby Petrino is known as offensive mastermind. He says he won’t name a QB until late August, but we could idea how the race is going.

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