The Virginia Tech Hokies Recruiting Tactics Must Change


In the past, my view on the Hokies recruiting has always been they’ll get the players they want at the end of the day. But when you look at the current landscape, you wonder where the Hokies will get their recruits from in this year’s 2016 recruiting class.

FSU and Miami lead at 1 and 2 respectively in terms of conference recruiting rankings, according to 247Sports.com. Duke has hard commits from Scott Bracey (Benedictine), Mark Birmingham (Briar Woods), Myles Hudzick (Bishop O’Connell), these are significant commitments because all 3 players reside in Virginia. UVA has the 5th ranked recruiting class with 16 commitments, which is better than the Hokies despite having a 5-7 record last season.

The Hokies currently have 11 commitment in their 2016 recruiting class which is currently ranked 9th in the ACC, 42nd nationally. Louisville jumped two spots to 6th after a commitment from 4-star dual threat Jawon Pass (Carver), who also had offers from Alabama, Auburn, and UNC.

Now, all is not lost. The Hokies still have a shot at some of the top Virginia recruits but with depth becoming an issue at every turn, one has to wonder if things will get better before they get worse. When it comes to experience and depth, it’s hard to build a program when you aren’t recruiting your state well, there I said it! There was a time where the Hokies could afford to let in-state top talent go to other schools but when they’re starting to go to ACC schools, there’s a huge problem.

You can check out the Virginia Player Rankings for the 2016 Recruiting Class here! Courtesy of 247 Sports.com

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